Design Therapy

Create a Space so Sacred in Your Home You Can’t Wait to Spend Time There

A home is a place of refuge—a respite, a sanctuary, a sacred place. It’s where you go after facing all of the challenges the world throws at you. You want your guests to have the same feeling—the same experience—of comfort, relaxation, and joy. When they step into your home, you want them to feel welcome and as if they can kick off their shoes and stay awhile.

Design Therapy Creates Experiences

If your home lacks a sacred space for you to just be and to unwind, or if there is something bothering you about an area of your home, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is, then Design Therapy can be just what you’ve been seeking.

Stan and his specialists are the “from the outside in” design therapists—designing homes and sacred spaces from the outside in. They do a walk-through of your home with you to get a feel for your style, your life, and your experiences (and the experiences you want your home to create). For those outside of the Dallas metro area, a virtual Design Therapy option is available.

Some of the areas that undergo Design Therapy include:

  • Paint colors
  • Choices for tile, wood, lighting, painting, carpets, furniture, décor, and artwork
  • Creation or transformation of a sacred space
  • Kitchen remodel
  • Spot fixes, where you change a few things (like paint and lighting or take down walls and open up a space) rather than undergo a complete remodel

Flexible Options

Sometimes, what you think is bothering you about a room or area of your home isn’t what is actually bothering you. Lux | Luxor comes in with an objective opinion and works with you to figure out how to transform the area to create the look, feel, and experience you want.

Flexible solutions are Lux | Luxor’s specialty, so they can come up with options that are within your budget. You can have what you want without sacrifice. Instead of an entire remodel, for example, they can suggest ways to fix and make over the look and feel of the room—to give it a facelift.

After one walk-through with Lux | Luxor, you’re going to experience a shift—a shift in your ideas and a shift in your outlook. Once the Design Therapy is complete, your transition is complete too.

Lead to Change

Design Therapy does not end with the concept. Lux | Luxor runs with the concept until your dream is turned into a reality. In the Dallas metro area, he brings in the construction crew and the pros to make it happen.

They also provides resources, such as shops, boutiques, and links to websites where you can find what you need to complete the transformation. With the discounts Lux | Luxor’s extensive network of providers can offer, you can create the room of your dreams within your budget.

Design Therapy Packages

You can choose from one of the three signature Design Therapy packages:

  1. eDesign Therapy
    eDesign Therapy is a virtual package. If you need or want Design Therapy, but live outside of the Dallas area, you can still have access to the design services. Lux | Luxor conducts a virtual walk-through of your home and area that you are looking to renovate or remodel and then provides their insight and recommendations for action.
  2. Design Therapy
    Lux | Luxor conducts an in-person walk-through and thorough assessment of the area you are looking to renovate, remodel, or transform. Lux | Luxor also provides you with the resources you can use to turn his plan into action.
  3. Custom Package
    The custom package is the most comprehensive of the three signature packages. Lux | Luxor provides the walk-through and works all of their Design Therapy magic. Then, they call in the construction crew and the professionals to make it happen. Lux | Luxor stays involved from the beginning of the project and sees it through to the end to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the new design in your home.

All Inclusive All three of the packages bring together the three signature design elements of:

  • Light
  • Water
  • Wood

All three signature packages also include:

  • Design
  • Revision
  • Implementation strategy

Choose the Design Therapy package that is right for you and contact Lux | Luxor today to begin the transformation.