The Game-Changer in Real Estate & Design

Attention to detail, luxuriousness, tailored comfort, and fun delivered in a professional, caring, and down to earth way. It’s what sets Lux | Luxor apart.

Stan Castloo, the founder of and the man behind Lux | Luxor is the game changer in the real estate and design world. He’s not your typical real estate pro. In fact, he’s the essence behind Lux | Luxor.

Stan brings his attention-to-detail, luxury, tailored comfort, and fun to his involvement in each home.

Just the Credentials

In Stan’s former life, he was an executive for a Fortune 50 company. During his 30 year career, he made his way through the ranks, moving from a part-time clerk up to an executive position.

Stan’s true passion, however, was always real estate. His purpose was and still is to buy and sell real estate, help homeowners create homes they love to live in so they can live their best lives, and deliver superior property management services.

If You’re Going to Go, Go with a Pro

Lux | Luxor is the best of the best in transforming your space. The Lux | Luxor team applies their intuition to everything they does in business and for their clients. Each of the properties that they flip or design for clients include three signature design elements: wood, water, and light.

The Innovative Approach to Transforming Spacing that Changes Everything

Lux | Luxor refers to their innovative approach as the five pillars. These pillars are the foundation on which Lux | Luxor is built—a solid foundation that changes peoples’ lives by transforming their living spaces.